Ying Ying: No Recommendations Chinese Resto

"I won't recommend anything," said the friend who brought us to this Chinese restaurant. "Because everything is good."

It was a tough time trying to overcome alternative paralysis for Your City Promdi and her four companions. We sat there at the Ying Ting Chinese Tea House for a good 15 minutes, just looking over the menu again and again while sniffing and staring at the food being served by service staff in the other tables. Everything looked and smelled delicious.

But was our midday trip to Chinatown in Manila worthwhile? Was my friend correct in saying that "everything is good?"

On the first one, I can say: YES! It was definitely worthwhile.Everything we ordered was good. The oysters were fresh and succulent. The soup was tasty. The pork was just full of heart-stopping fatty goodness. The squid was tender and crunchy and yummy all at the same time. 

On the second question, I have to reserve judgment. I've only tried five dishes. That hardly comprises "everything," right? Just know that I plan on going back and sampling other kinds of dishes. The ones I've tasted so far did not disappoint. I'll have to check if "everything" really "is good."

Until then, do be a dear and drop by YingYing. Maybe you can help me finish tasting all of their menu? If you've been there and have your personal favorite (or if you want to disagree with the "everything is good" comment), then please join the conversation below.

P.S.: Forgive me, dear readers. I was remiss and forgot to take photos of the sumptuous food from Ying Ying. Please understand--my appetite overpowered my blogging self.


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