What does a clear night sky look like?

Saw this photo on my Facebook timeline today, posted by I fucking love science.

It's accompanied by this story:

What does your sky look like on a clear night?

In 1994, an earthquake knocked out the power in Los Angeles. Many residents called local emergency centers reporting a strange “giant, silvery cloud” in the dark sky. That giant, silvery cloud was the Milky Way, which many residents had just seen for the first time.

5-11th April is International Dark Skies Week. Check out this website for tips on how to light responsibly (you can also download free posters): http://bit.ly/24FAZf

I have to admit I know nothing about International Dark Skies Week, but if you're anything like Your City Promdi, I bet it makes you as nostalgic for the clear bright skies in the province.


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