Longtime Sponsor: JAC Liner

Your City Promdi would like to thank its long-time sponsor: JAC Liner.

Ever since I started studying in Manila about a decade ago, this bus transport company plying the Manila-Lucena route has never let me down. Always a smooth ride, with only the occasional bumps and jars, JAC Liner has served me well.

Its drivers are careful (no accidents, thank God!) and its conductors very respectful. A few years ago, they also became the first ever South Luzon bus company to offer free wi-fi to its commuters. 

Anyway, Your City Promdi has always thought if she ever became an actress and got a best actress award, she'll include JAC Liner in her list of thank you's, listed as the official land transport sponsor. 

I wonder if any of you also have long-time loyalties to commuter service companies? Tell me in the comments below. 


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