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3 Rookie Mistakes I Made When Applying for the B1/B2 Visa

I applied for a business/tourist visa from the United States two months ago for a week-long conference. Plot twist: I received the visa. But I had to go through a lot of hassle for it, and looking back there was a lot that I would have done differently in order to improve the experience.

Rookie Mistakes Below, I will share the mistakes I made during the application process so others may learn from it.
Hiring an Agency. It was an expensive service that could have been done by anyone that can read English and has knowledge of using websites. I also discovered later that applying through an agent means using a separate web function, and that can create bureaucratic hurdles that would not have been there otherwise. Applying with only a One-month Lead Time. To be fair, I was only told about my US trip about six weeks beforehand, and that's due in equal measures to logistical and management reasons as well as the fact that those who do not need a US visa are not usually aware of how lon…

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