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Good Deeds Day: Appreciating 10 good things others have done for me

Today is Good Deeds Day. Most people celebrate it by volunteering for a cause or doing something good for one another.

But today, I want to celebrate it by pointing out the small and big things that someone has done for me that sticks in my memory, in no particular order.

1. Friends listening to me vent.
2. Office mates giving me food, especially when I am off my usual meal times and ravenously hungry.
3. The many random persons opening doors for me, in malls, restaurants, houses, etc. It's such a small act, but truly heart-warming.
4. Many someones offering me a seat in any crowded room. I'm an able-bodied woman, and can stand to stand a few hours, but it's always a relief to my legs to be pointed to a vacant chair. I particularly remember a gay man who offered me his seat in the MRT during rush hour. He did not have to, but it was a great gesture anyway!
5. Friends bringing me home after a late-night event.
6. For that matter, people asking me to text them cab plate numb…

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