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History Making is Puzzle-playing

This is the story of a woman who put the Philippines in the map, and another who saw history and a story through her work. This is a story of my quest to find the Puzzle Museum.

A mystery It as on a Sunday evening news magazine when I was in university that I first heard about Puzzle Museum, and I've always been curious as to why and how it became the second largest collection of puzzle pieces. How many puzzles could there be, I naively asked as I think about my childhood toys? How many items could there be, in order to be the second largest? How much did it all cost? Perhaps most importantly, when can I go?

The hunt
The when came over a full decade after I first saw the news magazine on television. I found myself in Tagaytay on a rainy afternoon with nothing to fill my time. With only Google for company, I decided to visit this place. And 'quest' is exactly how it felt like to me.

I went via jeepney on what seemed like a ride that went on forever. With the driver's he…

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