Your City Promdi's been gone from the blog for quite some time. Pardon the absence, dear promdi-watchers. There's been a medical situation in the family, and it demanded much of my time, brain power, and physical strength.

What's been up, you say? My dad had a heart attack in late 2012, and since then we've been focusing on his treatment. The whole family's been going to and from Manila to our hometown to meet with doctors and get medical care for Papa. In the process, I've learned a lot about diet and medical options and government benefits and insurance, etc., about matters of the heart.

I'd like to share with you some of what I've learned in this blog. I thought this might be able to help those of you who might have the same heart concerns but who are finding it difficult to plan for your treatment, either because of logistics, of financial capability, or of lack of helpful information.

For now, Your City Promdi is planning on publishing these topics:

1. SweetHeart: Heart Attack and Diabetes
2. Diet & Dr. Tam
3. Medical Care Options
4. Where To Go, Who To Consult
5. Let's Talk Money

I'll link as soon as I write each part, and maybe I'll add other titles if I get any new information.


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