#SingleSingleC1 | 5 Thoughts on 'Single/Single'

Smart episode that I can easily relate to.

I am one of thousands who tuned in to the premier episode of the Cinema 1 series "Single/Single" featuring actors Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidiccelli as the role of roommates Joee and Joey, respectively.

The series creators say you have not seen anything like it in Philippine television. After seeing the first episode, I think I will have to agree. It's fresh and smart, and it offers a look at the life of modern single, young professionals who are trying to live and learn independent of their family. The roommate angle, I think, is just a way that the show can  explore the issues and challenges that Filipino yuppies face.

Let's get on with the five thoughts that I had when I was watching the episode!

Thought #1: Wow! My sister knows about this, too? 

I knew of the series from one of the writers, Lilit Reyes, who I respect and associate as creator and supporter of great indie films; my sister is more of a KathNiel supporter than indie enthusiast. In my mind the intersection of those two worlds--the ultra-pop and the india--is a great indication that film-making and the art/business of entertainment is thriving.

Thought #2: The feels! Letting go is not an easy thing to do.

I'm a probinsyana through and through so I've had my fair share of living in a dorm and having roommates. I've been fortunate enough to have had four wonderful roommates who have become like sisters to me. That first part--where we see the fear and sadness that accompanies the parting of good roommates--is truthful and I'm sure something that many people my age can relate to.

Thought #3: Female hang-ups are so real!

I can just relate to all Joee's reaction. The paranoia that visits a single lady sometimes when she's all alone in her room: What if someone is stalking me? What if a robber comes and tries to break down my door? What if I get raped or killed? What if there are ghosts?! And then the longing to just have a friend or family nearby to be your security blanket.

There are also the hang-ups of a female who suddenly have her space invaded by strangers. It is truly awkward to wake up to a group of guys you don't know lounging about in your private space. It is mortifying to have these strangers see your underwear--even if they've been newly laundered!

Thought #4: Thank God these characters are not cliche. 

I saw the poster with character descriptions before, which simplistically portrayed the characters as manang and cool guy. It's easy for those characters to be boxed into cliches. This first episode manages to avoid doing that to the characters.

Joee is manang and very traditionally female, but that she doesn't seem to be much of a homemaker. She hates her sleep getting disturbed (and isn't that true for us young professionals) and is annoyed by Joey's late-night noise, but she is also fair and can appreciate good music. She is a well-fleshed out character.

Joey is a first-class cool guy, a musician who keeps late nights and lives the band life. You'd think that he;d be messy and he'd be disrespectful, sporting a devil-may-care attitude that will fuel the friction between the new roommates. But the show compounds expectations and makes Joey a three-dimensional character.

Thought #5: BITIN ang first episode. 

I will tune in for the next one!

Watch the next episode on Cinema 1, next Saturday, at 8:30PM.

BONUS: See the behind the scenes video here.


  1. Thank you so much for this! :)

  2. It's a spur-of-the-moment write-up. Thank you for providing me with my muse for this post. (I'm assuming you are one of the show creators? Sorry I only know of this from Lilit's Facebook posts.)

  3. Thanks for watching and sharing this post! You know me pala. I wonder who you are. Again salamat!

    1. Thank you for writing the show. Really enjoyable and relatable.


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