Music on Fire at the Ayala Museum

I decided to de-stress in the middle of our very hectic week at the office (think five to six meetings back-to-back per day), and ended up bringing my Singaporean colleague along. I picked out the "Music on Fire" show at the nearby Ayala Museum. This is part of the museum's Rush Hour Concert series, which happens every Wednesday.

I thought that there will be a dance recital alongside the orchestra that will play the tango, and I was initially deflated that I mistaken. I decided to stay on, though, because what else can I do?

Good thing I did, though, because the music is just incredible.

The first part was a sampling of classical tango music and tango nuevo, as played by the Manila Sumphony Orchestra with violin soloist Sara Maria Gonzales. I learned about Carlos Gardel.

I also liked the part with Astor Piazzolla. The 'Oblivion' felt like it was wrenching my heart away from my soul, and the 'Four Seasons' arrangement (which was arranged so that it borrows from the Vivaldi composition of the same title) took me on a rollercoaster of emotions.

The second part of the program featured the Manila Symphony Orchestra playing with guitarist Noli Aurillo. The latter could neither read nor write notes, but he can riff and play amazing music with his guitar. Together, they played an orchestral arrangement of pop classics such as Madonna's 'Like a Vrgin' and the Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields' and 'Eleanor Digby,'


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