Payday Madness

Your City Promdi just received this month's payslip.

First thing to do: SAVE.

If you want to be more financially stable, this is the first step. Financial managers say we should be saving about 20% to 30% of our income. I understand that this is the ideal and a lot of us cannot afford to save that much yet, given our other financial obligations.

But no matter, how small or big your income is, please just save some of it. It doesn't matter if it's Php5.00 every week or Php500.00 or Php5,000.00. Just save.

I cannot stress it enough: Save Money.

1. Saving means you are paying yourself. Make it a priority. You do so much for other people, and yet you neglect to pay yourself.
2. Saving is your springboard to upward financial mobility. If you have a bit of savings, you can start to think about investing so that your money earns more money for you.
3. Saving is your future's insurance. 
4. Just because it's fun. You won't know about the joy of seeing your saved up money become bigger until you become more disciplined in saving.


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