Oz Scholarships

I've never been to Australia, but I've heard there are really good things there. Plus there's a very active, very fun community of Filipinos there who are also very supportive of Filipinos who want to visit and/or migrate to the Land Down Under.

Recently, Your City Promdi had been receiving updates about invitations to apply for different scholarships offered by the Australian Government, as follows:

4. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research -
These scholarships are all available for schools in Melbourne, Australia. A colleague based in Australia has assured that these are very generous grants--so generous that the thrifty Filipino students that had studied under them before had even been able to send back money to their families in the Philippines. In any case, I've checked some of the Communications and Business programs in some of these schools, and they all look good. Maybe in the coming years, I'lll consider going to Australia for educational purposes. For now, why don't you try your luck with these scholarships. Maybe tell me how it's like there (or invite Your City Promdi over) for an Australian adventure in the future.


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