As you all know, I'm a promdi girl through and through, despite living in the city for a decade now. So, to me, vacations are about going back to the province--somewhere secluded and surrounded by nature would be an ideal vacation place.

But I've been hearing about stay-cations for quite sometime now, and Your City Promdi is thoroughly intrigued. What's a stay-cation? How is it possible to have a vacation and "stay put" in the city?

Apparently, it really IS possible to stay in the city and yet have a relaxing vacation. Some people just hole up in a nice little hotel and lounge around all day. Some people head to a spa to destress. Others just stay in their (hopefully airconditioned, in this weather) rooms and watch DVDs.

I hear it's every bit as relaxing as the usual out-of-town vacations, without the hassle of hours-long travel. Many say it's economical, too, especially with all the discounted rates that city hotels and/or hostels are giving.

I haven't tried this myself, but it's increasingly becoming a must-do for me. The closest thing I've done to a stay-cation is to have a sleepover at a friend's house after her birthday party, and just spent close to 24 hours alternately sleeping, chatting, and chatting while eating.

Have you ever tried stay-cationing? Any tips for Your City Promdi? 


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