Where the Beating of a Nation's Heart...

...is strongest.

I've been raving about the wonders of the provinces outside Metro Manila. But today Your City Promdi wants to share why she has grown to love the city almost as much as she does the country.

Metro Manila is where the beating of a nation's heart can be felt.

I present...

National Museum of the Philippines (From the National Museum of the Philippine's Facebook page)
San Agustin Church in Intramuros (Photo by Your City Promdi)
Cultural Center of the Philippines (From the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Website)
Roberto Rodriguez Chabet's "Black Sea, Silver Moon" at the Ateneo Art Gallery (From the Ateneo Art Gallery's Website)
The Botong Exhibit at the Ayala Museum (From the Ayala Museum's Facebook Page)

These are just some of my favorite cultural spaces in Metro Manila, where I catch concerts, plays, soirees, movie showing, or where I can let Filipino culture seep through me. I'll try to write more detailed articles about each one soon, along with instructions on how to reach them, entrance fees and requirements, and possibly some cultural events.


  1. This is really nice. How i wish all these cultural sites were located somewhere else rahter than in Mania. I deeply resent the capital. Dahil siguro bilang isang promdi, naiingit at naintimidate lang ako sa sophistication ng mga manileno, or at least some of them.

    I think sobra na din over-rated ang manila. Sorry for being so negative.

    1. I think this is true for most promdis who come to Manila. We're somehow awed and yet resentful of Manilenos. For my part, it took a lot of adjustment before I can be comfortable enough to not feel somehow inferior to them. 'Yan nga sana gusto ko gawin dito sa blog ko, ipakita na we don't have to be intimidated. Ang ganda kaya ng balanse ng buhay nating mga promdi--kaya natin mamuhay sa mundo nila, pero konti lang sa kanila ang makakasakay sa probinsiya natin. :)

      Actually, there are a lot of cultural sites outside of Manila, hindi nga lang kasing concentrated katulad ng sa Manila. Iba na rin kasing dito naibuhos lahat ng atensiyon ng gobyerno, saka matandang siyudad na rin kasi--marami nang history, kumbaga. I'll try to feature some cultural sites din sa ibang entries.


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