Passport Blues

I'm renewing my passport, which expires in about a year. My line of work, however, tends to suddenly send me off to out-of-the-country trips with little to no lead time. I'm trying to be proactive and get my passport renewed early just to avoid inconveniences later on.

The official way to do this is to go through the Department of Foreign Affairs website.  I don't like its current home page lay-out because everything feels clunky and is not very mobile response. In any case, after some searching, I got to the passport renewal page.

It lists the requirements for renewing a Philippine passport, as follows:
1. Personal appearance (at a DFA office).2. Confirmed appointment (at DFA). Schedule your appointment here.3. Duly accomplished application form. Download your application form here4. Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity. Check the list here .

Setting up an appointment

I realized that DFA offices are open all week, except for Sundays! So cool, because at least employees at least can try to get an appointment on Saturdays.
Screen capture from, taken 2 March 2017. 

I'm based in Metro Manila during the week, and the nearest and most accessible DFA offices to me are (in order of accessibility): Alabang Town Center (P2P bus rocks!), SM Megamall, SM Southmall and Aseana. I checked all office days all three locations, for any available schedule. There's none between now and June 30! By July 1, the system will not generate time slots. No go on all four locations.

I also tried the Lucena branch of DFA. As you all know, my home is still in Lucena and I spend quite a lot of weekends and some weekdays there, so this seemed like a logical choice. Again, checked all day until I got to June 30--no go--at which point the system refuses to show slots.

That's a fail for now. Will need to check again a few more times. If you guys have any tips for how to get an appointment for passport renewal, do let me know in the comments section.


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