One Big Message for Easter

"We are the people of Easter."

If there's one thing I got from the Easter Sunday Mass, that should be it.

Some of the other quotes that struck me from the celebration:

Paint the joy of Easter, and not the gloom of Good Friday.

Those who share the Cross of Christ will certainly share the joy of resurrection. 

And for good measure, one in Filipino:

Sa kabila ng kadiliman, nakakaranas tayo ng liwanag. 

Banishing the Darkness 

My light group mates, from last Thursday's meeting.
Photo courtesy of Claire Fabella
The theme of Easter Sunday Mass was definitely on reminding ourselves that while we all go through bad times in our personal lives--whether self-inflicted (i.e., sin) or not (i.e., loneliness, financial difficulties, relationship problems, etc.)--we must all hope in the light that banishes the darkness.  

In any case, I was very surprised to find the same theme echoed in the light group (my prayer circle with friends who also attend The Feast).

Many of my groupmates shared that they felt some sadness over the Holy Week, even as they were attending Eucharistic celebrations and commemorating Jesus' passion, death and resurrection. Why, in this holiest of times, do we feel this way?

They shared, however, that the answers also came from the retreat and talks that they attended. Some of the ideas that they expounded on:
It's necessary for us to experience the sadness in order to appreciate the joys of life.
There is an emptiness, because there is a call for us to be healed. Jesus--through the Paschal mystery--is the way to healing.

Let me close this post with one more invitation from the Easter reflection: "Jesus is wiping out the darkness. Through Jesus, we experience light. Now that we have received light from God, let us not allow ourselves to turn back to darkness."


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