#HabitatYLB: Tweeting for housing

Last month, I joined an awareness-raising campaign about the importance of having a decent house for people. The event is called #HabitatYLB #HappyHomes Twitter party.


Of course, "decent" is subjective and people's definition of it differs greatly--based on their contexts, culture and societal expectations, the local materials, their material possessions.

For people in more developed countries, a decent house is something concrete, has modern plumbing, running water, electricity, maybe air conditioning, and has safety features. For others in the Pacific, "decent" means a mud hat that does not become too cold in winter or summer. For people in rural areas of Quezon, "decent" means a house made from cement and bamboo, with a mixed thatched-and-tin roof.

For me, a decent home means:
- something with a sturdy roof and walls that will not be blown away by a storm,
- something that has a spacious sala (living room), dining room, at least two bedrooms, a toilet and bathroom (with plumbing and running water!)
- something made of concrete and/or good hardwood,
- something with a garden and plenty of plants.


Anyway, I joined the Twitter party to help raise awareness that there's a housing need and that we can do something about it.

Here's a short #Storify compilation of the posts from that Twitter party.
120K+ online reach for #housing
Habitat for Humanity's supporters in Asia-Pacific tweet about what it takes to create #happyhomes and help families build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.
Find the rest of the story in this link.

Here's one memorable quote from that Twitter party:


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