Lazy blogger back at writing

I checked. I've not written anything since 2015. I'm horrible!

I promise I will try to write at least two entries a month. That sounds reasonable and do-able, yes?

Graphic from New York Time's article.  
I'm thinking of a way to keep myself accountable to that commitment. I'm thinking gamification. Gamification seems like such a big thing in a lot of the stuff I read about online these days, from Uber to social marketing, from charity to restaurant hopping. I've no idea how to get that done in this blog, though, and I doubt I have the budget. If anyone wants to donate a tech hack here, I'd gladly accept it!

I will try to stick to shorter articles, too--something not very formal but will at least keep me writing despite (sometimes) tough workload and/or exhausting travels. In any case, I'll try to do this because I was inspired by a friend who egged me on to start writing for myself again.

I'd also try and keep this more interactive and more varied in terms of available media posts. I'm learning that it's good to have a mix of visual posts (Instagram photos from my travels, perhaps?), re-shares of fun articles I find interesting, and some substantive articles about topics that I'm learning about or that I think will help describe the experiences, hopes and fears of Your City Promdi.

Build up a stock of materials and posts. I realize I have about six drafts that I've written between 2015 and now, which I never got around to publishing. I need to get back to them, finish and share them if they're still relevant. I'm also thinking of starting to carry a notebook and just write my drafts there, or at least a recorder to record my streams of consciousness--ready for transcription and eventual write-up for the blog.

You can help me, too, dear reader. Suggest topics you think I should feature. Writing prompts will be very much appreciated. Do comment!


  1. Your fellow promdi here! Yoi know what, just don't allow yourself to fall into hiatus. At least one entry per month. Keep it up! Don't stop. We, promdis, have a lot of stories to tell...

  2. Halloooo! You're more forgiving. But yeah, lots of stories to tell. Just need the discipline to get them from my head to the blog. Thanks for reading!


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