Ice Dance Hangover: Tessa-Scott Fangurl Moment

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was not supposed to be anything more than a blip in Your City Promdi's radar.

Oh, how wrong I was!

Thanks to the first Asian skater to compete in the Winter Olympics, Michael Martinez, I tuned in to the ice skating on official Philippine TV partner, TV 5. (Your City Promdi is totally envious of her friend over at Enjoying Wonderful World for meeting the Filipino Olympian!) I also started browsing stories about the ice skating schedules, which always led me to stories about ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White--touted at the time as the America's golden couple in Sochi.

Intrigued, I headed over to YouTube and checked out some of their performances. It was okay, they were athletic. But it was just that. I started to browse some of the suggested videos that cropped up after the end of their videos. AND THEN DISCOVERED TESSA VIRTUE AND SCOTT MOIR. Yes, Your City Promdi is shouting, virtually, because, boy! was I blown away.

The Canadian VM was the 2010 Ice Dance Gold Medalists at Vancouver. They were awesome! Check out this wonderful Flamenco at the 2010 Worlds (which was also performed in the Olympics).


Look at the intensity and artistry of that performance, and tell me how Your City Promdi is supposed to NOT fall in love with them. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I now can officially say that I have become a fan and that I love them. They were a joy to behold and they connected with me emotionally in a way that DW didn't.

I was, of course, disappointed that I was not able to catch their Olympic performances, which I heard was exquisite. I was even more disappointed that they got just the silver at Sochi. In any case, I continued browsing their videos and scrounging in the Internet for news of them. Here's what I found--my two absolute performances from them off-competition:



And then, I also found this beautiful Instagram account, Midnight Reign of Jazz. Like Your City Promdi, the account also loves VM, but what really makes it stand out for me is that the author absolutely loves dance and the account posts a lot of explanation for why VM are not just great athletes but also wonderful dancers and artists. Plus, the account also features some beautiful photography and GIFs of ballet and gymnastics.

So to complete my fangurl moment here, Your City Promdi asks you--begs you--to take a look at some of the VM videos out there. You don't need to be an expert at the sport or the dance to appreciate how great these two ice dancers are. Just--go do it. Let it be your gift to yourself.


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