Curtsy, then Eagle, Possum, Chandelier

Guess where Your City Promdi spent the last two Saturday mornings? Clues are this post's title.

a. At the Queen's court
b. In Ateneo
c. IDK, a zoo, maybe
d. A mansion
e. None of the above

Time's up!

* * * * *

It's E. None of the above.

Your City Promdi was actually spending some time flying at Beyond Yoga, where relaxation, meditation, and work-out can be enjoyed.

The spacious, industrial-meets-nature-themed space is a cozy place featuring comfortable lounge seats with fluffy throw pillows, various healthy juices, and a house tea blend--all of which can be enjoyed while watching inctructional dance or yoga videos or perusing magazines.

The gym itself is an airy, sunlit room with a view of the green, well-kept BGC area. Dominated by the soft orange hammocks hanging from the wave-like ceiling, it is a wonderful place to stretch sore muscles, relax the mind, and challenge one's limits.

Beyond Yoga offers yoga classes, dance lessons, and the very adventurous-sounding Anti-Gravity Yoga. While Your City Promdi already enjoys practicing yoga at another gym, I was also quite curious about the AGY. I've already seen Filipino celebrities in all these seemingly death-defying stunts. If you've seen them, won't you be as curious as I am to see how they do it in real life?

* * * * *

Your City Promdi got a chance to try it when I came upon a DealDozen voucher for three sessions of AGY for only Php995.00 (about 30% off the regular price). I grabbed the chance, asked my sister to try it with me, and then roped in my colleague and her friend to join as well.

Vouchers in tow, we were scheduled to join the FUNdamentals Flying Yoga class. As you can probably tell by the name, that's the beginner's class. Due to a mix-up, however, on that first Saturday, my sister and I were scheduled for the earlier ADVANCED(!!!) class. Thankfully, there were just seven or eight of us, and instructor Marky had enough time and goodness of heart to help us through the difficult inversions and poses. Much thanks also to the very supportive classmates (very, very fit, all of them! whoa wow!) who were very patient with us and who egged us on and suggested ways to make the routines easier for us.

On that first session, we learned how to do the possum, the curtsy, the eagle, the monkey, and the chandelier. We also saw what our ultimate goal for AGY should be: the flying inverted unsupported stand. I swear, I will one day be able to do that!

No pictures yet, though, because--as you can probably imagine--my sister and I were both dead-tired after the class and we temporarily lost the ability to even think about taking photos. That was quite intense for Your City Promdi, and I felt all my abdominal muscles clenched days after that session. And believe me--four days after the class, my body was still aching from using muscles I never even knew existed before. Which tells you exactly what kind of workout we got. But whaddacheck, it was a lot of fun, the teacher said my sister and I were both "quick learners," and Your City Promdi was eager to have another body-beating boss-level session.

* * * * *

So, this time, we signed up for the advanced class. When we got there, however, we saw that there were a lot more people in the class now than it was the first time we joined, so we transferred to the FUNdamentals class. We figured we might not get the same individual attention we got before in the advanced class. We transferred also because, surprisingly, there were more people in the advanced classes than in the beginner's class. We were slowly taken through the process to come up with our inversions and poses by Marky and Toni. 

And ta-da... Your City Promdi (for the first time with pictures appearing in this blog) showing off what she learned from the Anti-Gravity Yoga:
Transitioning from Coffin to Vampire
Your City Promdi is a Vampire (I know, I know, they should have called it Aswang instead)

This is a bastardized Chandelier--I need to work on my form. :(

Anyway, there you have it. I'm raring to go on my third session, and then let's see... Will I continue?


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