This morning, Your City Promdi received two very VERY good news.

Salary Increase
I work in a Foundation, so there are no set annual salary increase for the employees. I understand, of course, because we need to spend that money for the work that we do. I'll admit there are times I get bogged down--when I'm super swamped with work, usually--when I question why there seems to be no financial rewards for us. It can be hard to fight for happiness those times.

But there are times like this morning, when we get very good news. The Foundation president said there will be a salary increase for everyone in the Foundation. The last time there was a salary increase was three years ago, when I was a new employee here. Now, I'm one of those rejoicing at the news.

The increase ranges from 10% to 30%, I think. But I really don't care how much I get. It just feels great to be rewarded this way.


Now, this one makes me a whole lot happier. As in, I literally cried tears of joy--I had chills up and down my arms and my scalp--when I heard the news. Some of the most stretched individuals in the Foundation had been given well-deserved promotions, which really, really REALLY makes Your City Promdi happy for them.

I just got promoted last year and, while that, too, was very satisfying, there's something in seeing maybe 10 or 12 of them simultaneously getting promoted that feels even better. This is just wonderful news.

As a parenthetical note, I think part of why I'm so happy is that this means the Foundation makes the people who really work hard for it happy. Which also means I get to continue working with these great people.

So, anyway, just good vibes all around!


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