Under the Sea: The Hotel H2O Experience

Bedroom goals!

I took advantage of a MetroDeal offer for a stay at Hotel H2O, and booked two nights for me and the sibling. The cost is usually very prohibitive, but with the 69% slash on nightly rates, I was able to treat myself and the sibling to a staycation to remember.

[Update: Just booked another round of staycation with a friend.]


Need I say more?

I'll say more, though, because there are a couple of things that had struck me about that aquarium.
(1) The aqua room is not underwater. I had this preconception that the aqua rooms are submerged, and I was trying to manage my expectations because how would you react if you book a hotel room that looks out into the murky Manila Bay water, right? Aqua rooms refer, apparently, to rooms with a wall-to-wall aquarium installed.
(2) The real breadth of that aquarium. I first thought that the water tank only runs the length of my room, but my sibling made such a good argument about why he  thinks it runs through all the rooms in our floor. Anyone knows the real deal here?
(3) Technology makes everything even more awesome. The aquarium lights turns off automatically at 10pm, and then lights back on at 6am (and what a fabulous alarm clock that is!). The fish are fed through a contraption that spews food into the tank, which is a definite relief since it would be really awkward to suddenly find somebody swimming inside the aquarium while I'm--I don't know--naked or very, very sloppily dressed.
(4) The fishes are mesmerizing.

Enormous comfortable bed.

That's the sibling and I on the bed. We can fit two more people in there. It's so ginormously humoungous. Plus those plush pillows are a true gift.

Well-laid out restroom, but...

The hotel room isn't too big. That's true for the batchroom and restroom, but they're so cleverly designed so very well-laid out that movement flows inside them, they're never clunky or cramped. One day, I'll have something like this built into my mansion.

Two things I didn't like here is that the water does not flush well and there's always a slight unpleasant odor (like old water stored too long in an enclosed space). There's got to be something that the hotel management can do about it.

Good food, service could be more efficient

I ordered room service once, then ate out at their in-hotel restaurant MakanMakan Asian Village for dinner and then for breakfast. Food is delicious. Marinara is rich and tasty. Their breakfast meals--pancakes, tapa and rice, omelet--are yummy and of enourmous proporations.

However, the service could be better. My room service took a little too long to be served. The in-house music over dinner leaves a lot of room to be desired. The MakanMakan and Hotel H2O systems are not connected in a way that discounts of hotel guests can be easily traceable and verifiable--such a nuisance when all you want is to eat and then sleep and not worry about anything else.

My Verdict

Will go back, and then once again, if I can give a proper discount. I'm not saying the room rate isn't worth it. I just can't afford the regular rate at my puny salary.

I have also recommended this to friends.


Hotel H2O is behind the Quirino Grandstand, near Rizal Park, in Ermita, Malate. The easiest way to get there is by cab.

Other attractions:

If, unlike me, you want something to do in the hotel other than sleep, then you won't be disappointed. You can explore, at a separate ticket/rate, the Manila Ocean Park integrated to the hotel. A particular favorite for me (seen at a different time from when I stayed at the hotel) are the light/sound show that they put on daily. There are also clubs and lounges, as well as a spa center.

Other tips:

Inquire about their group packages and check their website for promos.
They have a lunchtime buffet by the pool from 11AM-4PM on weekdays.
There is a night lounge, which can be quite expensive. :(


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