Vegetarian Experiment

I've been craving for a light-flavored meal for the past few days. I looked at my fridge, found some vegetables, and I decided to just cook-experiment. The result: a healthy, vegetarian dinner of lightly-fried eggplant and frozen tofu with calamansi-soy sauce dip.

Lightly-fried eggplant and frozen tofu, with calamansi-soy sauce dip. (Photo via instagram/sweetangel03lc)

How to prepare:

Completely freeze a block of tofu. Slice into strips of about 1.5in x .5 in x .5in. Fry the frozen strips of tofu in olive oil, until they turn just a wee bit brown and soft. 

Slice eggplants. Fry in the same pan and oil as the one you used for the tofu.

Prepare some calamansi, add in soy sauce to taste. 

Voila! A simple and light, but filling protein-and-fiber vegetarian dinner.



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