Turning Three, and Thanks!

Dear Your City Promdi Readers,

My blog's already three months old. It's so nice to see that so many people are visiting the site and reading my thoughts. I've even received some comments, which really heightens the excitement of maintaining this blog. 

I want to thank you for visiting (maybe even sharing my content on Twitter?). Much love to my Filipino promdis (and promdi-lovers, too). I was surprised to see that I've had visitors from outside the Philippines. This is a shout-out to all of you readers in the US, Germany, Australia, Russia, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, and France.

I'll try to keep writing more posts, although I'd be a bit busier than usual in the next three months.



  1. Brava! Congrats! Here's a greeting from Italy!

    Keep up the good work. I like your blog and your stories. Pareho lang kasi tayong promdi, hehehe... this month i'm actually writing something about my travels and promdiness.

    God bless!

  2. That's really nice! Thanks, Mr. Tripster.


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