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An Act of Love

Seen on my social media feed.
My only comment: You get a child to read by making it an act of love. 
Here are five ways I have done it for my little sister, nieces and nephews:
1. Use the evening cuddle time to read with your child. Yes, I know a two-year old cannot understand the words yet, but they will remember how it felt to be safe in the loving arms of an adult, listening to the rhythm of their voice, while you are both staring at this thing called a book. Trust me, do that long enough, and a child will associate a book with being a safe haven.
2. Find any excuse to give kids a book. Strengthen the positive associations with a book: use it an incentive or a gift, make it the prize for good behavior. Christmas? Here's a book. Birthday? Here's a book. You cleaned your room today? Here's a book. You're already using screen time, food, money as incentive. Why not change some of those out (read: screen time) for books?
3. Take them on a shopping excursion. Imagine ho…

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